‘It’s happy and sad at the same time’: Mass. couple fast tracks wedding after groom’s terminal diagnosis

Like another engaged couple, Philip Dwyer and Katerina Mesa set about planning their wedding ceremony, and had been going to have a look at venues in Miami, the
— Read on heraldpublicist.com/its-happy-and-sad-at-the-same-time-mass-couple-fast-tracks-wedding-after-grooms-terminal-diagnosis/

Florida education news: Wedding gifts, new rules, school bus safety and more

Florida education news: Wedding gifts, new rules, school bus safety and more
— Read on www.tampabay.com/news/gradebook/2019/08/06/florida-education-news-wedding-gifts-new-rules-school-bus-safety-and-more/

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Couple requests backpacks filled with school supplies, uniforms as wedding gifts | Sandhills Express

Couple requests backpacks filled with school supplies, uniforms as wedding gifts | Sandhills Express
— Read on sandhillsexpress.com/abc_national/couple-requests-backpacks-filled-with-school-supplies-uniforms-as-wedding-gifts-abcid36207185/

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Blue Angels photobomb couples wedding photo

The US Navy Blue Angels photobombed a couples wedding photo and the result is amazing. 
— Read on www.wkrg.com/news/northwest-florida/blue-angels-photobomb-couples-wedding-photo/1978720258

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Florida minister could lose his church after officiating wedding between two women | Blogs

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” –Matthew 18:20 (New International Version) That’s not how every Methodist church…
— Read on m.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2019/05/03/florida-minister-could-lose-his-church-after-officiating-wedding-between-two-women

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Places to Get Married at Disney World and Disneyland | PEOPLE.com

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings offer hundreds of unique locations and experiences that are sure to make any bride feel like a princess on her big day
— Read on people.com/travel/from-castles-to-private-islands-see-every-enchanting-spot-you-can-get-married-at-disney/

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Bride wears white underwear instead of a traditional wedding dress and ties the knot in a truck before mud wrestling her husband

At least Florida has the weather to wear a wedding bikini, right?
— Read on www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/8884078/bride-white-underwear-redneck-mud-truck-wrestling/

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Get the Benefits of a Florida Premarital Course in Levy County

Get the Benefits of a Florida Premarital Course in Levy County ??????

Dr. D’Arienzo, Jacksonville Psychologist, Relationship Expert, and Marriage Therapist is proud to announce our updated version of our Florida Premarital Course for Levy County. By taking our premarital class you will save $32.50 on your Florida marriage license and avoid the three day wait in applying for your license.

Florida Premarital Course Picture 1

What are the benefits of a premarital course or premarital counseling? That is a great question. We prepare for most things in life – high school and college exams, getting a driver’s license, hosting a dinner party. It seems, though, that most people fall in love and get married without ever really preparing for it. Sure, life in general and dating different people gives us some good lessons in commitment, negotiating, communication, and compromise, so that when we finally meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, we are somewhat prepared to enter into that long-term relationship. What we are not always prepared for is what happens after the fairy tale ends – how to deal with the stress, negative habits, and relationship patterns that may be really difficult to resolve.

Here are the facts – 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Sadly, only about half of those that stay married consider themselves happily married. Research shows that the year before the wedding and up to six months after the wedding is when couples gain the most benefit from premarital courses or premarital counseling. After that, those negative behaviors and habits can become exponentially harder to break and resolve.  Here’s another important fact – premarital classes and/or premarital counseling can reduce the risk of divorce by up to 30 percent and lead to a happier and healthier marriage.

Marriage takes a lot of hard work, patience, compromise, respect, and skill. Love is absolutely the first ingredient to a successful marriage, but love alone will not guarantee a happy marriage. A premarital course or counseling will help guide you to discuss and resolve important issues before the big day, offering questions and discussion points that every couple who wants to get married should be discussing in order to form a solid foundation for a lasting marriage.

D’Arienzo Psychological Group’s online premarital preparation course, www.drdarienzo.com, is a convenient, self-paced, private, and inexpensive online premarital preparation course that meets the needs of today’s busy couples. The premarital preparation course is an approved course in all 67 counties in Florida and accessible online to all residents and non-residents of Florida. Florida couples also receive a $32.50 discount off their marriage license application fee and avoid the three day waiting period when taking this premarital preparation course. Visit us at http://www.drdarienzo.com, click on the courses tab at the top, and start your wedding on the right foot!




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