The Most Romantic Wedding Venue in Florida

The Ringling, an estate-turned museum, is filled with romance and Renaissance art. Made for dining and dancing, these various venues are perfect for your tropical and timeless wedding. Continue reading

Florida Weddings

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How to say you are sorry!

If you’re getting married soon you better know how to say you’re sorry!

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Best Wedding Venue in Florida: The Don CeSar

The Don CeSar is a fantastic place to have your wedding ceremony and reception. You and your guests will be able to have a luxurious and legendary time in St. Pete Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. Learn more about Dr. D’Arienzo’s Florida Premarital Online Course here! Continue reading

Florida Premarital Course

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Florida Premarital Course

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Florida Marriage License Discount

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Illinois mayor Steve Chirico shamed for maskless wedding | Miami Herald

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Illinois mayor Steve Chirico was shamed on Twitter by his niece after he attended his daughter’s wedding in Florida
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