Should I Get Married?

Should I get married? Great question. Please watch the video to gain some insight as to whether you should be getting married or not. Dr. D’Arienzo, Florida Psychologist and Relationship Expert, provides the facts about whether a marriage will be successful or not based upon how the relationship is prior to marriage. Marriage is a significant step in our lives and places us at risk financially and legally if we choose the wrong partner and if it is unsuccessful. Our online Florida premarital preparation course can assist you in determining whether you are making the right partner choice. The premarital prep course is only $19.99 and is a great investment toward your future. Please contact us if you have any questions about our premarital course. Our office is located at 11512 Lake Mead Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida, 32256. Our phone number is 904-379-8094. We can be found on the web at