Cerabino: A new marriage guide for Florida newlyweds? – Opinion – The Ledger – Lakeland, FL

It’s alarming to see Sen. Baxley, who has made his living as an undertaker, getting involved in the conflict-resolution arena again, this time between husbands and wives.

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Couple marries in wedding ceremony with puppies

The Plant City, Florida couple are passionate about animals, so a wedding with puppies was fitting.
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How churches can save marriage — and American religiosity

Marriage season is in full swing. Early autumn has become the most popular season to marry, as more and more couples choose an October wedding. In fact, October lays claim to three of America’s most popular wedding dates.
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‘It’s happy and sad at the same time’: Mass. couple fast tracks wedding after groom’s terminal diagnosis

Like another engaged couple, Philip Dwyer and Katerina Mesa set about planning their wedding ceremony, and had been going to have a look at venues in Miami, the
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Hurricane Weddings

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