Same Sex Florida Premarital Preparation Course

Same Sex Premarital Preparation Course for Gay and Lesbian Florida Residents

Same Sex Premarital Preparation Course for Gay and Lesbian Florida Residents

Avoid the Three Day Wait (Get Married Today!) and Save $32.50 on Your Florida Marriage License

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We offer a same sex Florida premarital preparation online course for gay and lesbian Florida residents. The future of whether same sex couples will be able to receive a Florida Marriage license in our state remains undecided. However, in preparation for that day, we offer a premarital preparation course. The course was originally designed for opposite sex partners but has been adapted for same sex partners. As a psychologist specializing in couples therapy and a forensic psychologist in the family court arena, I have had the opportunity to work with many gay couples. Based on my experience as well as understanding couples research literature, there is a great deal of overlap in problems that gay and straight couples face; however, there are certainly unique differences with each type of couple and with every couple for that matter.

Our premarriage course is completely online. The cost of our premarital prep course is $19.99 for the couple whether one or both individuals take the course. Our course takes four hours to complete. After taking our course, you will receive a certificate that you will provide to the Clerk of Court when you apply for your marriage license. As a result of taking our course, you will avoid the three day wait to get married meaning that you can get married on the same day that you apply for your marriage license.  With out the course certificate, you must wait three days. You will also save $32.50 on your Florida marriage license based on taking our course and having your certificate of completion.

The D’Arienzo Psychological Group supports same sex marriage just as the American Psychological Association. We wish you the best of luck, hope that you find our course interesting, compelling, and helpful, and we wish you happiness as a couple experiencing the joys of holy matrimony.

Best regards,

Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, Florida Licensed and Board Certified Psychologist, Relationship Expert, and Couples Therapist