How to Pinpoint a Narcissist

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How can a narcissist be pinpointed? I’m Dr. D’Arienzo, a clinical psychologist. Here are five signs that you could be dealing with a narcissist.

Even constructive criticism is too much for their fragile self-esteem to handle when given. Feedback seems like a direct assault.

Losing Control: Because it contradicts their inflated self-image, they feel powerless when they lose control of the situations and people around them.

They need attention and affirmation, so when they are ignored or don’t get what they think they deserve, they pout, get agitated, and lose their cool.

Exposure: They put up a false front to protect their inflated sense of self, but when their deceptions or shortcomings are exposed, they attack.

They think they are superior than others and feel inadequate when they are lost, so when they lose a competition, they become upset, create excuses, and “file away” a big grudge. A narcissist experiences personal loss.

We all have some of these traits, of course, but a narcissist would have them all to the fullest. If this describes you or the person you are dating, get professional treatment.

The DSM-V-TR lists the following as some instances of the clinical signs of narcissism:

  • At least five of the following demonstrate the pervasive patterns of grandiosity (fantasy or behaviors), a craving for admiration, as well as a lack of empathy.
  • Exaggerating successes, expecting to be viewed as superior without really accomplishing the accomplishments, etc. are examples of having an inflated sense of one’s own importance.
  • Obsession with idealized representations of strength, wisdom, wealth, beauty, or perfect love.
  • A sense of belonging to a “special” group that should only engage with other exceptional people (or organizations).
  • Require unfathomable amazement
  • Possess an entitlement mentality, such as an unreasonable expectation of favorable treatment or fulfillment of expectations).
  • Utilizes people in an exploitative manner to achieve their own interests.
  • Has little empathy and cannot understand the needs of others
  • Frequently feel jealous of others or believe that others feel jealous of them.
  • Show off snobby, arrogant behaviors and attitudes.

The diagnosis of NPD and other personality disorders requires examination of long-term patterns of functioning. In today’s society, the diagnosis is unquestionably overused and over spoken. Only a psychologist or psychiatrist should provide the diagnosis.

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