Free Premarital Preparation Course for Florida Residents

Get a discount on your Florida Marriage License

Free Premarital Course For Florida Residents

Dr. D’Arienzo offers a free premarital preparation course for Florida residents. After taking our four hour premarital counseling online course you will save $32.50 off your Florida marriage license. Yes, our course costs $19.99, but after your substantial discount on your license as a result of taking our course, our course ends up being more than free. Nowhere else will you find this course for such a low price.

We promise that you will enjoy our course. Dr. D’Arienzo shares with you information that he shares only with his couples therapy patients. This important relationship advice and experiential couples therapy program will improve your relationship and future marriage. You and your fiance will learn what it takes to make a relationship successful, how to manage conflict effectively, how to maintain intimacy and connection, how to share each other’s dreams, and how to follow a common path together. We also explore each other’s personality types using a psychological test very similar to the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment. You and your partner will learn each other’s personality types and learn how these types impact your relationship for the better and for the worse. With this knowledge, you both are better able to understand that the other’s behavior is often about them and not about you.

We have no doubt that you will find our course full of valuable information. Research does suggest that people are more likely to remain married after completing a course like ours.

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Congratulations on your decision to marry. We wish you the best of luck.

We can help you stay married by taking our course.

Improve your chances of staying married by taking out important premarital course!