Methods to Resolve Dispute: Part II

Take our $14.97 premarital course and save money on your Florida license and avoid the three day wait! We here at D’Arienzo Psychology are excited to help you take this next step toward marital happiness and success, and want to help deepen your relationship with your future spouse. Keep reading for Part II of Dr. D’Arienzo’s tips and methods to resolve dispute in your relationship: 

Methods to Resolve Dispute: Part II

Couples should fight while keeping the goal in mind. What ultimately should be kept as the end in mind? The goal should be to find a solution while simultaneously making sure your spouse is comfortable both during and after the argument. The stubbornness of both partners must be reined in. Couples should use stress-relieving activities and monitor their heart rates. When our pulse rates rise above 90 to 95 beats per minute, we get emotionally overstimulated, find it difficult to reason with others, and enter a condition of fight, flight, or freeze. When we are overwhelmed, we should stop or take a break from a problem for 20 to 30 minutes before continuing to explore a solution. Just as we should not spank our children when we are angry or emotional, we should not argue or discuss important matters with our partner when we are angry, or we will inevitably say or do something that we regret. Most importantly, if you need a break from an argument, take a break, but resolve the issue immediately following your break. Watch for signs of flooding–like feeling overwhelmed, not being able to stay calm during arguments, wanting distance, and small issues becoming big ones. If you are flooded, take a break.

We have taken Markman and Stanley’s “Fighting for Your Marriage” Safe Talking Techniques and illustrated them. By using these methods, each partner can communicate uninterrupted:

1.Use of a jointly valued item such as a talking tool (for example, a wedding ring or a photo of the family or the couple).

2. Each person takes turns to hold the item and the person who holds it also holds the floor.

3. The person listening then repeats back what they have heard and checks that it is correct.

4. The other person then takes hold of the talking item and speaks while their partner summaries.

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