Methods to Resolve Dispute

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Methods to Resolve Dispute

Both spouses must be willing to accept the “influence” of others. Relationships typically have a top and a bottom, with the top having last and final say. When both parties have an equal say in most matters, relationships work best. Dr. Gottman also discovered that males who embraced their partners’ “influence” had the happiest marriages. Believing that you can learn from your partner, not discounting their perspectives, and trusting that they can also come up with effective answers are a few examples of how to “influence.”

Relationships that partners repair successfully are successful and work very well. This means that during a debate, functional parties find a solution to an issue or disagreement. When a couple settles a dispute, issues are dealt with at that moment and do not compound and come up again in a later dispute. Furthermore, it’s important to have a partner who can apologize. It takes guts and confidence to admit when you are mistaken, but doing so can help you have a caring relationship and lessen tension. It’s beneficial to provide a space where negativity can be broken. Without dismissing the other, one can utilize humor, offer their partner a cup of coffee or tea after the disagreement, ask for a hug, or make light of the situation. Make-up intimacy reunites the partners and aids in bringing about harmony. Additionally, it is crucial to feel certain that your partner will appreciate your attempts to make things better and vice versa.

Building commitment, trust, and understanding while guaranteeing safety requires making sacrifices. Safety is ensured by having faith that your partner will compromise if there is a conflict. It is risky to think in absolutes, such as “I’m right therefore you must be wrong.” Couples must be able to compromise and share authority during a disagreement.

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