Online Premarital Preparation Course in Walton County

Online Premarital Preparation Course in Walton County

Avoid the three day wait requirement and save $32.50 on your marriage license in Walton County.

Here’s how it works:

The Walton County Courthouse will reduce your marriage license application fee from $93.50 to $61.00 upon completing our online premarital preparation course. The standard fee for a marriage license is $93.50, however, applicants who file a certification that both parties have completed our state-sanctioned online premarital preparation course within the past 12 months, are entitled to a discount ($32.50), making their fee $61.00.

The cost of our the course is $19.99, so you will actually SAVE $12.51 on your marriage license and there will be no out of pocket cost.

Our Online Premarital Preparation Course for Walton County Covers the Following Cities:

  • DeFuniak Springs
  • Freeport
  • Miramar Beach
  • Paxton
  • Point Washington
  • Redbay
  • Santa Rosa Beach


To purchase your online marital course, click here.


For your convenience, D’Arienzo Psychological Group has supplied information here from the Walton County Marriage License website. Please refer to the Walton County Clerk of Court website for additional information. (

Walton County Marriage Licenses


  • Both applicants must appear.
  • Both applicants must present valid, government-issued photo identification.
  • Both applicants must know their social security number
  • If either applicant has been previously married:
    • The previous marriage must have ended.
    • You must know the date the last marriage ended:
      • Date of Dissolution, or
      • Date of death of previous spouse, or
      • Date of Annulment.
    • Papers are not required. However, you must take an oath that the information you have given is true and correct.
  • If an applicant is 16-17 years old, he/she must present the following in addition to the requirements above:
    • A certified copy of his/her birth certificate, and
    • Notarized parental consent from both parents.
    • Exceptions will be if the parents are divorced and one parent has sole legal custody of the minor child. In this case, a court certified copy of the custody document must be presented and only the consent of the custodial parent will be required. If both parents are deceased, and a guardian has not been appointed by the court, the minor must present certified copies of both death certificates.
    • If full parental consent is unobtainable, judicial review is mandatory.
    • Any application may be submitted for judicial review.
  • Requirements for Minors under the age of 16 (one or both applicants):
    • All of the requirements for minors 16 or 17 shown above.
    • Under oath, swear that they are the parents or expectant parents of a child;
    • Provide proof in the form of the newborn child’s birth certificate or written statement from a licensed physician verifying pregnancy.
    • Will require judicial review.
  • A blood test is not required.
  • The marriage license fee is $93.50, payable by cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express cards only) at the time of application. There will be a charge of 3.5% if using a credit card.
  • All applicants are required to read a handbook prepared by the Florida Bar that details the rights and responsibilities of marriage. All applicants must sign a sworn statement affirming that they have read this handbook. To download a copy of this handbook, click here.
  • COURSE REQUIREMENT or THREE-DAY WAIT for FLORIDA RESIDENTS ONLY: All Florida residents who apply for a marriage license must complete a four-hour marriage preparation course, present a Certificate of Completion for the course, and sign a statement that they have taken the course. For a list of eligible course providers, please see below. For those Florida residents who do not complete this course, the applicants must wait three days before they are married. This three-day waiting period applies to Florida residents only.
    • If both applicants complete the marriage preparation course, the marriage license fee is reduced to $61.00.

Valid License

  • A marriage license is valid for only 60 days and only within the State of Florida. Thus, you may not apply for a marriage license if you are planning to be married more than two months from your application date. You may use the license to be married in any county within the State of Florida.
  • If you are planning to be married in another state or country, you must contact that jurisdiction to inquire about its marriage laws and rules.

Where to Apply for a Marriage License

Walton County Courthouse 571 Highway 90 East 2nd Floor DeFuniak Springs, Fl 32433 Telephone: (850) 892-8115



Walton County Courthouse Annex 31 Coastal Centre Boulevard Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459 Telephone: (850) 267-3066

You can fill out and print a marriage license application to bring in by clicking here. Please do not sign the application until the oath has been administered by the deputy clerk.

Marriage License

  • The license must be used within sixty days of issuance.
  • The marriage license may be used in any county in the State of Florida.
  • The executed license must be returned within ten days to the county in which it was issued.

Marriage Ceremony Should a couple choose to be married by the Clerk of the Court, the fee is an additional $30.00. Ceremonies are performed Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by a deputy clerk.

Marriage Preparation Course Providers

Click here for a current list of course providers.

Who May Perform Your Marriage Ceremony in Florida (F.S. 741.07)

  • All regularly ordained ministers of the gospel or elders in communion with some church, or other ordained clergy from any state or foreign country.
  • All Florida Clerks of Court and Florida Deputy Clerks of Court. PLEASE NOTE: Clerks of Court, Deputy Clerks of Court, Probate Judges, etc., from outside the State of Florida ARE NOT AUTHORIZED UNDER FLORIDA LAW TO PERFORM YOUR CEREMONY.
  • All Florida notaries public. PLEASE NOTE: Notaries public from outside the State of Florida ARE NOT AUTHORIZED UNDER FLORIDA LAW TO PERFORM YOUR CEREMONY.
  • Florida judicial officers, including retired Florida judicial officers. Florida judicial officers who may perform a marriage ceremony include Florida state court judges, retired Florida state court judges, Federal court judges whose jurisdiction includes Florida, and retired Federal court judges whose jurisdiction included Florida. PLEASE NOTE: State court judges, local court judges, and probate court judges from outside the State of Florida ARE NOT AUTHORIZED UNDER FLORIDA LAW TO PERFORM YOUR CEREMONY.




Dr. Justin D’Arienzo is Florida’s Leading Provider of Online Premarital Preparation and Premarital Counseling. He created an enjoyable and interactive online premarital preparation course that is certified in every county in Florida. Dr. D’Arienzo is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator, Parenting Coordinator, Custody Evaluator, and Relationship Expert. If you are seeking individual psychotherapy, counseling in Jacksonville FL, couples and marriage counseling, family counseling, intensive marital therapy, or life coaching, D’Arienzo Psychological Group provides comprehensive psychological therapies and counseling utilizing research-based strategies. D’Arienzo Psychological Group is a full-service psychology firm, with mental health providers who specialize in areas including child and adolescent mental health counseling, behavior modification, psychotherapy for adults, group therapy, psychological assessment, life coaching, vocational counseling, organizational consulting and training, substance abuse treatment, anger management, premarital counseling, marital therapy, couples counseling, and forensic psychological services.

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