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 if you are getting married in Florida make sure you take our Florida Premarital Preparation Course for $19.99 per couple! Come on Tampa! We invite you to find out more about our award winning Florida Premarital Course. We have the only course created and led by an actual Doctor of Psychology (Psychologist) and Marital Expert!

Best Wedding Venues in Florida

Hi and welcome, I am your course instructor, Dr. Justin D’Arienzo. I am a clinical psychologist and relationship expert. I have dedicated myself to servicing this Florida premarital course since 2013. We have streamlined this process to make your premarital preparation course fun and educational. Our course includes premarital education topics that will help prepare you and your partner for a lifelong commitment together. Research shows that couples who take a premarital course are better equipped for marital success than couples that do not take a premarital education course. For your convenience, D’Arienzo Psychology has hand-selected the best wedding venues in Florida. Click Here to access our award winning Florida Premarital Course.

We know you are very busy planning your wedding, and we want to make things easy for you. You can find our official Florida premarital preparation course page here.

2. Curtiss Mansion Wedding Venue – Miami Springs, FL
4. The Addison – Boca Raton, Florida
4. The Treasury on the Plaza, St Augustine, Florida
5. The Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables – Coral Gables, Florida

Illinois mayor Steve Chirico shamed for maskless wedding | Miami Herald

Mayors need to wear masks at weddings if they impose that citizens do the same. The same rule should apply that those getting married should take a premarital Preparation Course. Why is this the case? Well, the research shows that those that do take premarital preparation education are more likely to remain married. Fortunately we offer an Online Florida Premarital Preparation Course for $19.99 per couple. Our course also allows you to avoid the three day wait. You will also save $32.50 on your Florida marriage license. Take the course now get it done it is easy it’s self paced and it’s only four hours and completely online!

Illinois mayor Steve Chirico was shamed on Twitter by his niece after he attended his daughter’s wedding in Florida
— Read on www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article247511360.html

Save money on your Florida wedding

While we think it’s a fantastic idea to have a photo contest at your wedding to save money so you don’t have to hire a photographer, we also recommend that you take our Florida Premarital Preparation Course for $19.99 per couple. You will also save $32.50 on your Florida marriage license by taking our course and avoid the three day wait and fall deeper in love!

Bride-to-be asks her guests to compete in photo contest so she doesn’t have to hire photographer


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Wedding planners adapt to COVID-19 era with elopements, smaller ceremonies

COVID-19 has changed everything about getting married but don’t be alarmed, lots of couples are still getting married in Florida. Before you get married in Florida make sure you take our Florida Premarital Preparation Course for $19.99 per couple. You will avoid the three day wait and save lots of money on your marriage license. There is no greater time to take our premarital course!

Officiants and event coordinators across Tampa Bay are seeing couples tie the knot in small gatherings now, with plans to delay bigger celebrations.
— Read on www.tampabay.com/news/business/2020/11/27/wedding-planners-adapt-to-covid-19-era-with-elopements-smaller-ceremonies/

Premarital Course and COVID

Don’t forget to take our Florida Premarital preparation course if you’re getting married in Florida and you want to save $32.50 off your marriage license and avoid the three day wait. Our course is $19.99 per couple. Take our Florida Premarital Course today we know that you will love it!


Florida Premarital Course Miami Dade County

We know that you will love our Florida Premarital Course so much that we guarantee your satisfaction with it. For only $19.99 per couple, you will improve your communication, fall deeper in love, avoid the three day application and marriage license wait, and save $32.50 on your Florida marriage license. Yes, the Florida marriage license discount is real and so are the love and communication benefits with our course!!!

Florida Premarital online course

This is a great article about preparing for a wedding during these difficult times. Another great way to prepare for your wedding and your future marriage is to take our Florida online premarital preparation course. The cost is $19.99 per couple and you will save a lot of money on your Florida marriage license and you will avoid the three day wait. The best part of the course in addition to saving money is that you will learn so much more about each other and so much more about yourself and learn how to communicate better and be more more more in love. Certainly you want to be extremely in love for your marriage and especially your wedding night!


Pro wrestler John Cena marries Shay Shariatzadeh in private Florida ceremony

Pro wrestler-turned-actor John Cena married girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh in a private ceremony in Tampa, Florida, on Monday, according to several media outlets.
— Read on www.fox23.com/news/trending/pro-wrestler-john-cena-marries-shay-shariatzadeh-private-florida-ceremony/Z2U42ATH6VANVDKJ5BAU3GVFXY/

We really hope John and Shay took our Florida premarital preparation course even though they probably didn’t need to save any money but it would increase the chances of their marital success just as it will increase the chances of your marital excess and all for $19.99 per couple!

Hillsborough County Premarital Course Information

Hillsborough County, Florida is a beautiful place to be married. If you are a resident there or are planning a wedding there, take our online premarital course and get a Florida marriage license discount and avoid the three day wait. Most importantly, fall deeper in love by taking our course!

See our Hillsborough Premarital Information Page Here