Successful Listening for Couples

Take our $14.97 premarital course and save money on your Florida license and avoid the three day wait! We here at D’Arienzo Psychology are excited to help you take this next step toward marital happiness and success, and want to help deepen your relationship with your future spouse. Keep reading for tips and Dr. D’Arienzo’s tips on Successful Listening for Couples:

Listening is hearing and paying attention to what the speaker is saying. However, listening and hearing effectively are very different skills. Use the following tips to become a more effective listener:

• Clear your mind to avoid mental wanderings. Your inner dialogue, deciding what to say, reacting to what the other person has said, and other issues that may be on your mind can prevent you from actively listening to what the other person is saying there is.

• Concentrate on what the other person is saying. Pay close attention to the other person and listen carefully to what they are saying. Consider this an opportunity to learn about the other person.

• Do not interrupt while they’re speaking. Ask them to speak without pausing until they get the point.

• Use body language to show interest and attention and encourage others to speak up.

•Ask questions about what the other person said. This shows what you heard and ensures that your understanding is correct. At the end of the conversation, you can also summarize the discussion.

• Observe tone of voice and body language, and pay attention to the speaker’s non-verbal messages. This can give you clues about what the other person is thinking, feeling, and how they are reacting to what you say.

• Respond constructively. Let the other person know that you care about what they say, even if you disagree. Avoid negative reactions such as criticism, ridicule, distraction, distraction, or denying the other person or what they are saying.

• Respond correctly. Be clear about what the other person wants from you and respond accordingly. If you don’t know what the other person is asking for, ask for clarification. Avoid unnecessary diagnoses, advice or instructions unless specifically requested by the individual. 

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