Why You Should Have Your Florida Wedding in the Fall

Take our $14.97 premarital course and save money on your Florida license and avoid the three day wait! When planning your special day, there are many decisions to be made, a never-ending amount of options to consider, and very little time. We get it! At D’Arienzo Psychology, we want you to Fall deeper in love, and you can do just that with a Florida Premarital preparation course that is completely online for just $14.97. Fall is a favored time of year in Florida as the weather cools, the nights get longer, and everything starts to soften a bit around the edges. Here are a few reasons why we think Fall is a great time to get married in Florida:

Perfect Weather

One of the first considerations for planning a Fall wedding in Florida is the noticeable drop in temperature. While the humidity tapers off, the temperature continues to remain comfortably warm. That means no frizzy hair and guests won’t become sweaty, rumpled and irritable by the time the happy couple says their vows. It’s also the dry-season, meaning that there’s a very low chance that it will rain on your special day.

More Affordable Venue Options

Any travel fanatic knows the best time to get deals on your vacation is during the off-season, and that’s just as true for Florida weddings. Since Fall is an off-peak season for traveling to Florida, you may be able to host your wedding while scoring big discounts on venues, banquet halls and room packages for you and your guests. You might even consider having a larger guest list with all the savings you’ll get (even with our Florida Premarital Preparation Course)!

Dress and Décor

The Fall season lends itself well to warm and inviting color palettes of muted tints and earth tones, which will make your photos stand out! When planning floral elements and other ornamentation, try opting for autumnal features like gourds, cornucopias, and fairy lights for cozy and intimate setup. Since temperatures remain in the 70’s-80’s, brides have a larger array of dress style options, and may consider accessorizing with a cardigan or shawl if there’s a chill in the air. Grooms are encouraged to add a splash of color to their suits with boutonnieres of seasonal flowers, starfish or even seashells for an ultimate Fall-Florida combo.

The Beaches

An outdoor beach wedding is perfect for this time of year! Save money on the wedding décor and flowers by taking advantage of the natural extensive beaches in Florida. Secluded, off-the-beaten-path beaches lend themselves to wonderful photo and receptions opportunities for the wedding party. Consider a beach wedding on the west coast of Florida for breathtaking sunset photos of your memorable day!

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