Why Take a Florida Premarital Preparation Course?

Great question! Taking our $19.99 four hour online course will save you $32.50 off your marriage license. Better yet, it will bring you closer to your future spouse and increase the probability of you both having a successful marriage. Additionally, you can avoid the three day wait and receive your marriage license the same day that you apply.

Again, besides the money and time savings you will gain by taking our premarital counseling course, you will learn to address potential problems with communication, financial decisions, and ensure that you each are meeting each other’s emotional needs.

As a psychologist and couples therapist, I have many years of experience helping couples avoid divorce and repair their marriages. It is much easier to learn the necessary skills early in the relationship before relationship dynamics become hardened. It is difficult to teach two old dogs new tricks.

One of the most important things for two individuals getting married is to discuss whether they plan to have children or not. Too often couples get married assuming that the other wants what they want. I often hear a man or woman say that I figured that after we married and were together for a couple of years that they would change there mind and want to have children. I often do not find people truly changing their minds about children. People do have children with their spouse despite wanting to in an effort to please them or after being cajoled to do so. If you have to cojole your spouse into having children, then this is problematic. Again, to avoid this dilemma, have this discussion prior to be married.

Fortunately, in our Florida Premarital Preparation Course, we address the discussion about having children among other things. We do hope you chose to take our course. We know that you will be satisfied with it.

In addition to taking our course, we do hope that you will marry in the state of Florida. There are so many beautiful parks, lakes, rivers, churches, and beaches to marry, from Miami to Sanibel to Pensacola, to Jacksonville, to Daytona, and to Fort Lauderdale and to everything sunny in between.

Congratulations on your future nuptials! We at D’Arienzo Psychological Group wish you the best of luck.