Top Five Places to Get Married in Florida

Do not forget to take our Florida Premarital Preparation Course for $19.99 to save money on your marriage license while you learn about the top five places to get married in Florida.  As a marriage expert and a Florida psychologist, I figured I would be someone that could suggest the top five places to get married in Florida. Florida is full of wonderful venues to get married at from historic churches and cathedrals to camp grounds and gorgeous sandy beaches.

I will start with my number one spot in Florida which is where I was married. I was married in Jacksonville, Beach at St. Paul’s Catholic Church and then had a reception at the Lodge at Ponte Vedra Beach Florida. Ponte Vedra Beach offers a unique charm. It’s not far from Amelia Island, and Ponte Vedra has great beaches, wonderful people, the TPC, and the PGA.

The second best place to get married is the Cheeca Lodge and Spa in Islamorada in the Florida Keys There you will find excellent service, blue ocean water, lush mangroves, fishing, amazing sunsets, walks on the dock, bicycling, fishing, and great cocktails.

Get married at the Cheeca Lodge

Top Five Places To Get Married in Florida…Don’t Forget to Take Our Florida Premarital Preparation Course for $19.99 and Save $32.50 Off Your Marriage License


The third best place to get married in Florida is in Sanibel or Captiva Island on Florida’s gulf coast. There you will see many Midwesterners, white beaches, and gorgeous sunsets.

The fourth top place to get married in Florida is St. Augustine, Florida, Florida’s oldest continuously inhabited city. With a cathedral, many churches, and historic venues such as the St. Augustine Light House and the St. Augustine Fort, you will certainly be charmed having a wedding there.

The fifth top place to get married in Florida is South Beach in Miami. There you will find blue skies, amazing beaches, beautiful people, the famous Coconut Grove, shopping in Ventura, and partying until the sun rises the following day.

I have traveled extensively in Florida and have found these places to be the top five places to get married in Florida based on beauty, charm, uniqueness, food, and pleasure. Congratulations on getting married in Florida.

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